Help me with Java doc programm in awk!

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Thu Jun 17 10:05:08 CEST 1999

I'm rewriting some Java classes into a more structured and decent form.
Part of this rewriting is an exhaustive/advanced documentation ( that
lacks now). I'm a great fan of python/awk used for documentation

This is what I'm doing :
 * Name:
 * ControlPanel
 * <p>
 * Taxonomy
 * Control Process Gui
import StateMachine;

This is done for javadoc.
What I want to is an awk and python version of this:
- For every class/function documented this way, be included in a
query system, which enables the user ask using regexp for the classes.
- For every attribute in the Taxonomy field, let the query system ask
for those clases that hold that attribute.
- Parse the import lines to enrich the attributes every class/function
After all this is done. Anyone could query for functionalities and
for general stuff of my classes. Learning very fast the design of
class I've done.

I like from you, suggestions and tips for doing this in awk/python.

I know in python this would be much, much easier to be done, but
awk is more common in the place I work at.


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