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Fri Jun 11 11:02:09 EDT 1999

Thanks Marc-Andre,

> Reading the source in I'd suggest moving these lines
> up just behind the subwrite = ... line. The .startbody()
> call flushes the headers for you and also terminates the headers
> (by inserting the blank line you already noticed).
> Should work then, I guess.

It works great (good guess), Guido had posted a message almost a year
ago (which the code I wrote is a modification of) but I couldn't quite
figure it out...

If anybody wants the code, probably the only interesting bits are the
generation of calendar entries for Notes from a template file (using a
subclassed HTMLgen.TemplateDocument) and the bit for appending an
instruction file as e-mail body with a base64 encoded attachment let me
know and I'll post it (it's around 166 lines including extensive

Thanks again


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