Trouble with DATE Variants under Pythonwin

Tom Fenn tom at
Wed Jun 23 15:30:39 EDT 1999


I'm accessing an ActiveX control under Pythonwin, and having trouble
the method returns a DATE variant:

>>> df.dialog.xrf.GetCreationDate()
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "<interactive input>", line 0, in ?
	line 97, in GetCreationDate
    return self._ApplyTypes_(0x6, 1, (3, 0), (((26, 7), 0),),
'GetCreationDate', None, 	pCreationDate)
	line 35, in _ApplyTypes_
    return self._get_good_object_(apply(self._oleobj_.InvokeTypes,
(dispid, LCID, wFlags, 	retType, argTypes) + args), user, resultCLSID)
TypeError: The VARIANT type is unknown.

The prototype of the function call in C is : long GetCreationDate(DATE
FAR* pCreationDate)

Couldn't find anything in particular about DATE variants in Pythonwin
docs or searching the newsgroup.  Does anyone know a workaround so that
I can use this function?

Tom Fenn

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