"The Python Way"

Evan Simpson evan at tokenexchange.com
Fri Jun 4 12:21:00 EDT 1999

Graham Matthews [objects to the tone taken by respondents to his
suggestions, especially since he made a point of being as "Pythonic" as

Your GC-for-cycles-refcounts-for-everyday-business proposal is, indeed,
quite reasonable.  Personally, I would prefer it as a debugging tool used to
discover code which *produces* cycles rather than a standard feature of
Python, but hey, I'm not the one implementing it <wink>.

I get the distinct impression the the reception of *any* proposal to alter
Python is likely to be vastly improved by the presence of an implementation,
however primitive, and will allow you de facto last word on a lot of
arguments.  My own pet suggestions have died for lack of this, apart from
"and while", for which some kind soul coded a mutant cousin.

and-I-still-like-"and if"-ly y'rs
Evan Simpson

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