Python and C, arrays

John Fisher jfisher at
Fri Jun 11 16:17:18 EDT 1999

Hey folks,

I've run into a problem with a module I'm writing in C.  Basically, I
need to be able to convert Python tuples or lists (it's unimportant
which) into C arrays.  I know at compile-time the type of the array (and
that the tuple or list will be homogeneous, and of compatible type), but
I don't know the size.

I then need to find a way to take a C array and stuff it back into a
Python tuple or list.  I have some ideas involving using "stack-like"
lists or tuples in Python, with a "pop" function which I could call from
C, repeated in a loop to get everything.  But this seems overly complex,
and indeed like it has the potential to become truly hideous.

I would imagine these two tasks are actually quite common.  Is there
some simpler way to do either?  Dare I hope that PyArg_ParseTuple and
Py_BuildValue can do it?


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