Creating a new type with an extension module

Fred L. Drake fdrake at
Tue Jun 22 11:30:41 EDT 1999

Michael P. Reilly writes:
 > But the documentation on extending Python is pretty well known
 > deficiency.  Luckily it is far easier than most languages, both to
 > accomplish and to understand (yet more kudos to Guido).  Actually, in
 > responce to your earlier posting, I started writing a _SHORT_ webpage
 > explaining what is needed, which I hope to have available later today.
 > I plan (and hope) to make it into a How-To later.

  If you'd like to make it a patch to the standard documentation, I'm
sure many people would be incredible grateful, including myself.  The
time I have available to extend the documentation in all the ways that 
are requested seems a bit fleeting at the moment.
  Seriously, if anyone would like to extend the standard documents,
I'll be glad to lend a hand with the markup.  If you write the
content, I'll accept it as text if I need to!


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