Embedding Question

Lloyd Weehuizen tuna at delirious.fsnnet
Thu Jun 24 19:05:32 EDT 1999

On Thu, 24 Jun 1999 14:40:37 GMT, Michael P. Reilly <arcege at shore.net> wrote:
>Lloyd Weehuizen <tuna at delirious.fsnnet> wrote:
>: Hi
>: If I use the PyRun_String method, with a string that defines a method called

>You can use any number of the "del" based operations.  But from the
>high-level (using the PyRun_* functions), you would want:

Ok, that would work, but I don't really know what functions are being
defined, as the user can edit them. Is there no way to flush everything and
start with a clean slate except doing a Finalize() and Initialize()?

Hmm I spose I could search through the strings looking for all the "def"
keyworks ;)

Also, with the PyRun_String method, what is the difference between the
locals and globals definition? I've set them to be the same, like the
PyRun_SimpleString method does, could this be causing the problem? Are
globals remembered the entire time the interpreter is running and locals
only for that PyRun_String method? Into what namespace do "def" statements
get loaded? Globals or locals? 


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