Using perl in python

Michael P. Reilly arcege at
Mon Jun 21 12:08:56 EDT 1999

Ashish Goyal <ashishg at> wrote:
: hi,
:     try and use swig ( - that is an interface generator that i
: had come across some time back. Since i don't remember things clearly,  it
: might not be able to glue python and perl together (i used it to glue C and
: python code).

Correct, swig probably can't.  The Perl C API is too complex to do this
with SWIG (of course); the interface file would probably be larger than
the C code if you didn't use SWIG.  It's doable in C.  Also, unless
specially compiled, Perl will only allow one interpreter per process
(cf. -DMULTIPLICITY).  A new release of SWIG came out a week or two ago
that might make things easier, but I doubt the interface file would be

I'm never surprised at how overly complicated Perl makes things.


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