Created a Python module for ID3 MP3 tag manipulation

greg andruk meowing at
Sun Jun 13 22:41:02 EDT 1999

Timothy R Evans <tre17 at> writes:

> === from the `id3' manpage
>        The ID3 format has some shortcomings.  There  is  a  1  in
>        16777216  chance of your mp3 having a certain bit-pattern,
>        causing id3 to write over the last 128 bytes of  your  mp3
>        upon  tag  creation.

> This is more of a problem with the id3 `standard' than with anything
> else.  There is a small chnace that your mp3 file will contain the
> data "TAG" at just the wrong place.

The fix for this is to treat your data as an MPEG stream, not a simple
file.  If the marker appears inside the bounds of a frame, then it's
not a tag.  This does imply walking through the whole file to parse
headers, but that's a much faster operation than one might think.

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