Python for large projects?

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> Hi, I've been doing mostly desktop and Client/Server development work
> but I'm considering how best to develop web-based and distributed
> projects.
> I read a paper on the site comparing Java and Python and
> was impressed. I'm interested in other peoples views and experiences
> of using Python for: large projects; team developments; distributed
> objects; intranet development etc.

Hello Joe

I am using Python for a large  web enabled simulation/planning model.
The project is going wonderfully.  Keeping it brief, here are the
features that my model would not have if I had chosen other tools I was

Multiple Interfaces: Microsoft Access, Web , Command line,TK

Multiple Platform: WinNT and SGI Origin (Irix) ->
     There will also be a smaller version that will run on WinCE

Numerous Options:  The productivity boost allows me to focus on
business logic. This allows me to add more features and options to my

Increased Accuracy:  The reduced development time allows me and my co-
workers to do a great deal of testing without disrupting our schedule.

I have also found that using Python softens some of the blows during
the requirement gathering phase.  It is nice to be able to put together
a quick mock up of an application component to help your customers
clarify what their requirments are.  Also when you find that you have
perhaps erred in your direction, it hurts alot less to throw away two
hours of work than twenty.

Hope this helps,

Bill Wilkinson

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