grail browser failure

Farrell Kenimer phxken at
Tue Jun 22 03:22:17 CEST 1999

"Fred L. Drake" wrote:

> Farrell Kenimer writes:
>  > fails with something like isabs not available
>  > I can import grail and after a try or two I can also import Browser
>  > How would one try to run grail after it's imported?
>   There's a patch for this on the Grail Web site.
>   -Fred
> --
> Fred L. Drake, Jr.           <fdrake at>
> Corporation for National Research Initiatives

PLease excuse previous complaint.  Read the April 99 archive of the grail
maillist and you had already
found that was incorrect in two places where the os.path had
been left off isals() and

It's running now.
Is there a way to establish a display outside of X in Linux to run grail
from the console or does it require an
X server?  Thanks.

Farrell Kenimer of Phoenix, Arizona  USA

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