Love Python? Wanna $$ job? Have I got a deal for you!

Robert Yodlowski robert.yodlowski at
Fri Jun 11 20:12:20 CEST 1999

Hello, I'm Bob Yodlowski.   robert.yodlowski at     (978)

I work at Intel Corp.'s Network Communications Group in Hudson, MA, I
hope you'll want to also when I tell you about what they're foolish
enough to actually PAY me to do!

For the past 2 years, I've been using Python to create and run a
simulation environment to design a new network controller chip (sa1200).
The the second generation of the chip (sa2200) will be starting design

The chips are BIG! - The sa1200 consists of a Strongarm RISC processor,
SIX! special purpose, microcoded communications processors, a PCI bus
interface, highly optimized (i.e. convoluted) interfaces to SDRAM, SRAM
and flash memories and a high speed, 64 bit bus interfacing to up to 6
MAC (fancy, ultra high speed UART's) that whip data back and forth to
and from stuff like FDDI, ATM, Ethernet, LAN, WAN or any other kind of
serial data transfer gadget.

I've had a ball! Thanks to the power of Python, just 3 of us have so far
been able to keep up with the needs of the project but, now, we need
more help! I've been able to use almost every aspect of Python:
multithreading, extending, embedding, pickling, run-time compiling even
a little Tkinter. We have LOTS more work that needs to be done and we
need the right people who love Python to help do it.

Intel is SERIOUS about networking! To see how serious, I refer you to
the May 3, 1999 issue of "Forbes" magazine - the one with Intel's
president, Craig Barrett, on the cover whose lead article "Reinventing
Intel"  starts on p155. That article, especially the comments on p157,
158 has led one of our marketing people to say "We intend to be the
moral equivalent of the Pentium (r) in the networking silicon market."

Even if you're just mildly interested, give me a call or send me email,
Central Massachusetts (30mi from Boston) is especially beautiful in the

Bob Yodlowski.   robert.yodlowski at     (978) 568-4477


A colleague and I will be giving talks about our work at the OReilly
Open Source Software Convention in August. Go to the OReilly web site to
see the abstracts - if they're there at the moment - (they tend to
disappear from time to time).

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