How to call a Java superclass from jpython ??

Markus A. Greiner m.greiner at
Mon Jun 21 21:35:49 CEST 1999


I´m trying to port some java applications into jpython.
Now I got a problem. I´m not able to call a java superclass from
Did anybody know how to call them? Here the code I´m trying to convert:

It´s from of the JDK Metalworks example.
In method initcolors:

	primary1 = super.getPrimary1()

Everything I tried in jpython failed. In some other cases replacing the
super call into a construct like:


works fine, but in this case


and all other constructs failed. I´m using JPython 1.1 beta 2 so
calls like self.super__method are obsolte and didn´t work anymore.
(I think :-)) or better I tried without success)

Thanks Markus

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