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Jonathon jblake at
Tue Jun 15 18:03:42 EDT 1999

Dinu C. Gherman (gherman at wrote:
: jblake at (Jonathon) posted the following about
: a week ago:
: > Searching, I didn't come across
: > anything _recent_ about
: > patterns in Python.  Did that SIG die, get swallowed up

: Well, I guess the question can be answered like this: the SIG
: died as you correctly noticed, the reasons being a lack of
: contributions as well as an ill-defined (or at least vague)
: purpose of the SIG itself.


	Given that Python is Object Orientated, and that
	Patterns help design better object orientated
	software, it seemmms to be to be natural that
	there would be more than a few random things on
	Patterns In Python.

	<< For various reasons, I suspect that teaching Patterns
	in Python to people as they learn Python would be a very
	good thing.  >>



	I'm still looking for a good book on
		3:	The Recent Unpleasantness
		1:	The War Of Northern Aggression.
		2:	The War of Southern Rebellion.

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