Zigron zigron at
Tue Jun 22 20:44:39 EDT 1999

    I'm on a Windows machine, and don't have Visual C++, and can't actually
get Borland C++ 5.02 to compile it, there's a couple rather weird errors
I can't fix.. most I did, b ut anyways.

    So the answer is no :)


Gerald Gutierrez <gutier at> wrote in message
news:m2zp1sdeda.fsf at
> You can always compile it yourself, can't you? Make your own distribution.
> "Zigron" <zigron at> writes:
> >     I personally don't like that TCL/Tk is now included in the main
> > distribution,
> > even if Tk is the defacto GUI library for it. And, even if you can't use
> > IDLE
> > without it.
> >     But, lots of people do, I'd expect.. so I've a sugguestion :)
> >
> >     Have a seperate distribution that /doesn't/ have TCL/Tk in it? :-)
> >
> > --Stephen

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