IDLE interacting w Shell

Tim Peters tim_one at
Thu Jun 10 21:54:52 EDT 1999

[Hoon Yoon]
>    I am trying to use IDLE somewhat like Emacs. I can't use Emacs
> because some of Numpy Code will stop and kill the shell on Emacs when
> certain errors occur.  Not to mention IDLE is a lot lighter.

Guido is working hard to close the gap <wink>.

>   Every time I hit F5 or 'Edit|Run module' I get an output window. I
> want to get the run results and direct to shell like Emacs' C-c C-c,
> instead of getting an output window.

The current CVS IDLE has distinct "run script" and "import module" cmds.
The former is much closer to pymode C-c C-c, although you still need to
explicitly save the file before running it.  Eventually I suppose it will
grow "run region" etc subcommands too.

>   for exaple: if I have following in Editor and press F5
> import os
>   I would like to see following working on the shell:
> >> dir(os)

Yes, works fine with the new "run script" cmd.  Any output produced by the
script is also written to the shell window -- the separate output windows
are gone.

time-machine-working-overtime-ly y'rs  - tim

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