Python GUIs: Abandoning TkInter and welcoming wxPython?

Vlachidis Costas vlachid at
Sat Jun 26 01:35:44 EDT 1999

with Tkinter you have right, it's an other language.But wx is just a C-library
with well defined functions that can be called like black boxes, and is very
compact.The problem withthis is thwt it is not completed and it can't cnvert all
modern GUI'.s functions yet.There'is no image processing,no sound functions, no
multimedia at all.
I think that insteed to learning another language like Java,we must develop
wxPython modules as a built in library.

Darrell wrote:

> Is this more trouble than learning tkinter and or wxPython ?
> I just installed and gave the jpi thing a try. It's not ready for prime time
> yet.
> --
> --Darrell
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