Jeremy Hylton jeremy at
Wed Jun 2 18:01:12 CEST 1999

>        [MCepl]  Perhaps I am behind firewall, which doesn't allow me to
>do this. Is this stupid or not considering that I am using WWW all the

If you are using WWW all the time, then you should be able to make
httplib and linbot work.  You may need to do a little configuration.
I had forgotten that firewalls require some manual configuration!

(In general, you can get some more debugging information by running
python -d.  In this particular case, I don't think it's
going to help any.  The problem occurs before has a chance
to make use of the -d option.)

Is your browser configured in some special way to pass through the
firewall?  I use Netscape, and I can configure proxies from the
Preferences dialog, under Advanced->Proxies.  If you do have a proxy
configured for your browser, you are going to have problems using
httplib.  However, urllib will work if you set up the http_proxy
environment variable.

Can you load from your Web browser?  It would be odd if 
you could load it from the browser and not from a Python script.


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