How to use Perfmon Library

Mark Hammond MHammond at
Fri Jun 25 18:38:38 EDT 1999

There are 2 ways to use the performance monitor:

* If you just want to collect performance data from an existing process that
is "performance monitor aware" (or you just want to see data that NT
provides, such as memory usage, processor utilization etc.  This is quite
simple to use - you use the win32pdhutil module - there is a sample
"" that shows how to use these functions to query the local
machine - a remote machine is not much harder.

* If you want your application to provide custom perfmon data that another
process can read, then this is significantly harder - you really need to
read the NT documentation on how to do this; Python just wraps the standard


belbo_j at wrote in message <7kvrrc$2d3$1 at>...
>Is it anybody that can give me some information
>about the usage of Perfmon library ?
>I want to monitor a process on a remote NT server

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