Python for large projects?

Darrell news at
Mon Jun 28 09:58:33 EDT 1999

> >Darrell wrote:
> >>
> >> I'll give that a look, but they can always get to it if they want.
> >> that's ok, just worries me.
> >
> >If you clearly warn them in the docs not to do
> >it, and they do it anyway and get into trouble,
> >it's not your fault.
> >
> >Greg
> But what does management think??  If the user screws something up how
> much down time/loss of data will result?  I remember people coming back
> from desert storm and telling me about how people were playing with
> unexploded submunitions, aka small bombs with flaky fuses, I am not
> kidding on this.  So the question is how much damage can an moron
> do with a screw driver to your program and is that an acceptable
> tradeoff for the benifits of python?  If you are realy parinoid
> present it to your boss and ask him to decide.
> marc
> ps just because you are parinoid does not mean you are wrong.

Yes I'm paranoid. Got trained that way in the medical instrument business.
But now I'm in the publishing business where I'm sure they wonder about me.

I'm glad I brought this up because Michael Hudson suggested using RExec.
This sounds like a perfect solution to my concerns. Even better than C++


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