Any Production ZOPE sites we can visit?

Brad Clements bkc at
Fri Jun 11 15:44:30 EDT 1999

Nothing exciting there really, except that the airport lookups are done
through an SQL query..

I'm working on an events Calendar, that'll really look nice when it's done

Brad Clements,
bkc at
Michael Kersey <mkersey at> wrote in message
news:37614A32.79FE554E at
> Are there many production Zope sites visible on the www?
> Of the links from the Zope home page (Case Studies), only Musi-Cal at
> _appears_ (to the untrained eye!-)) to be a
> Zope site.
> It's a little tough to get my hands around how Zope works and what it
> can do without good examples.
> Is Zope being used primarily for intranets?

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