Defining VCL-like framework for Python

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Jun 2 18:05:01 EDT 1999

Greg Ewing wrote:

> Gordon McMillan wrote:
> > 
> > And where your ideas
> > don't fit the framework, you're in a prison.
> I think it's unfair to characterise the general concept
> of a framework as being inflexible. Some particular
> frameworks might be, but I don't see why a framework
> can't be designed to help with the most common things
> while allowing the freedom to do others.
> In fact, when the framework is implemented in a user-
> friendly OO language like Python, it would be hard *not* 
> to make it flexible!

I think my statement was fair. I believe I said some frameworks are 
more flexible than others. But no framework covers all possible 
domains (except the null framework) and no framework is useful 
outside its domain.

FWIW, I like frameworks, but I'm not going to bother learning one 
unless I'll be spending some time inside its domain.

- Gordon

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