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> John Brainard posting anonymously as nobody at says...
> >write a mach-server that emulated the real server. I was successful at
> >mach server that I had originally written in Perl and it works much
> and >I hope that my boss is impressed.
> To impress your boss more, use 'mock' (imitation) instead of 'mach'
> (speed number) when you write your report.
> TJR (With a real email address, I would have sent this privately.)

I apologise for posting anonymously to this group. I had no idea that
newsfeeds would hide my e-mail address when I posted. I have nothing to hide
from this news group, or any other that I read from and will change my sig
file to include that and my icq number.

As for the misspelling, I am truly embarassed by it. I am normally quite
about checking it.

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