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Wed Jun 2 17:28:15 CEST 1999

Yukihiro Matsumoto <matz at> writes:
| I don't mean real GC does everything ref counting does.  For
| exapmle, with real GC:
|   dialog = GUItoolkit.dialog(params)
|   ... do something with the dialog ...
|   dialog = None
| will close the dialog at unpredictable timing, which is not
| desirable for everyone.  But I prefer explicit termination of the
| dialog for this case.
|   dialog = GUItoolkit.dialog(params)
|   ... do something with the dialog ...
|   dialog.close

You're in good company here, I think the leading lights of the Python
world all prefer explicit termination in these cases.  Ref counting sure
offers a great convenience here, though.  Files close and flush their
buffers, dialogues disappear, all in accordance with their programmatic
lifetime.  I personally will miss this finalization more than any resource
management if reference counting is taken away.

I wonder if reference counts could be maintained at a higher level,
still internal but optional as a complement to GC or whatever.  The
C extension writer could forget about reference counts, unless the
extension's own objects use the option or its functions handle external
objects that might have reference counts - or perhaps a C extension
could choose to use reference counts when its external library routines
have memory allocation issues that can't be integrated with the GC.

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