Environment inheritance under Windows NT 4, Attempt 2

Milton L. Hankins mlh at swl.msd.ray.com
Thu Jun 24 22:34:36 CEST 1999

I suppose this could be a side-effect of the way our IT department sets up
NT.  But I shudder to think how or what really causes it. 

On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Darrell wrote:

> Works fine for me.
> Use the same case for the python version.
> > C:\>python -c "import os; print os.environ['WINDIR']"

Thanks for the response.  Unfortunately, this doesn't help.  :(  I tried
exact, all upper, and all lower case to the same result.

I've developed a workaround for posixmodule which uses getenv() under
Windows instead of direct access to environ.  It works great.  I had
really hoped others experienced this problem.  Sigh.  I will send my patch
to Guido anyway.  Maybe it will be deemed worthy. 

Fingers crossed...

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