[comp.lang.python.*] Posting guidelines -- bi-weekly posting

Tony J. Ibbs (Tibs) tony at lsl.co.uk
Mon Jun 28 14:48:11 CEST 1999

Would it be worth pointing out, near the top, that, since comp.lang.python
gatewayed to a mailing list, it is considered good etiquette not
to assume that one is *only* writing to News - i.e., many people
do not have the option of ignoring messages based upon the
message header, but get the whole thing automatically delivered.

I know that we still get people who don't read the document contributing
to the mailing list, but perhaps this might stop *some* of the people
who (non-maliciously) start long, winding, off-topic discussions which
they believe "can be ignored by people who aren't interested"...

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