[JPYTHON] Installation Problems Help Please

Ronald E Jeffries ronERASEjeffries at ERASEacm.org
Sat Jun 19 18:05:54 EDT 1999

On Sat, 19 Jun 1999 01:24:32 GMT, ronERASEjeffries at ERASEacm.org
(Ronald E Jeffries) wrote:

>Thought I'd try XP in Python, so I just downloaded JPython1.1beta2 and
>when I installed it with JView, got this:
>D:\Downloading\jpython>jview JPython11beta2
>InstallShield JavaTM Edition
>Extracting installation code................................done
>Failed to execute MakeScriptAction
>The files all appear to be in the directory I chose. There's a
>"jpython", and a "jpython.jar".
>However, when I type jpython at the DOS prompt, I get the dreaded
>Bad command or file name
>I'm supposing this is because the MakeScriptAction didn't run.
>Suggestions welcome!
>Also ... is there an IDE of any kind available for Python yet ... or
>at least something that will get me out of the DOS box?
>Ron Jeffries
>Extreme Programmer

Ron Jeffries
Extreme Programmer

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