Python GUIs: Summary and Conclusion

David Arnold arnold at
Tue Jun 29 00:44:59 EDT 1999

-->"Greg" == Greg Ewing <greg.ewing at> writes:

  Greg> Wasn't there a Tcl-less Tk interface once before, that wasn't
  Greg> kept up to date? Called something beginning with R that I
  Greg> can't remember.

it was called Rivet.

  Greg> Maybe you could use that as a starting point if the Tk C
  Greg> interface hasn't changed too radically.

it used Tk 7.4, and had bits of tcl in it, although it was much more
direct than tkinter.  we still use it (with various hacks that have
accumulated over time) ...

it chief problem (for us) is that it isn't properly thread-safe.


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