Bizarre error while ./configure-ing PIL

Jo Meder jo at
Wed Jun 2 20:19:27 EDT 1999

Michael Hudson <mwh21 at> writes:

> Matt Gushee <mgushee at> writes:

[reasonable permissions for ./configure]
> > bash: ./configure: Permission denied

> Random guess, but check the first line of ./configure. It should
> probably read
> #!/bin/sh
> My guess is either 1) /bin/sh is not executable (very unlikely, all
> sorts of things would barf at that) 2) the line's gotten mangled
> somehows - maybe a misplaced space?

Actually the line reads

#! /bin/sh
  ^note the space

but why this should lead to "Permission denied", I don't know. 

I tried it with tcsh, zsh, bash, ksh, ash and not one of them barfed
at the line.


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