PIL-object to NumPy

Travis Oliphant olipt at mayo.edu
Tue May 4 16:35:26 CEST 1999

> Hi,
> I'm using Python Image Library (PIL) and NumPy.
> I would like to open a image and make som imageprocessing on it. I would
> like to do the imageprocessing i NumPy, but I can't find out how to open af
> Image in NumPy??
> Q1: How do I open a image so I can use it with NumPy??

I have had the same questions in the past.  It would be really nice to
have some way to access the underlying data as both a PIL object and a
NumPy array object.  

But, as it stands now you must use the tostring method of the PIL object
and the fromstring function in the Numeric module.



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