embedding stubbed tcl

Robin Becker robin at jessikat.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 4 17:18:27 EST 1999

In article <3821E345.FC6C372F at chello.nl>, Jan Nijtmans
<j.nijtmans at chello.nl> writes
>Robin Becker wrote:
>> I thought stubs were for extensions. The tkinter case is slightly the
>> wrong way round as it starts tcl up.
>Stubs can very well be used for applications as well. For example,
>I already used it to Stubify the Tcl plugin, so I don't need to
>recompile it when Tcl8.3 comes out ;-).  The only problem is that
>Tcl doesn't yet contain a portable way to use dlopen()/LoadLibrary()
>or whatever this function might be called.
ok so what is the minimal way to do this?
Robin Becker

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