Extending Python dynamically

ScherBi at BAM.com ScherBi at BAM.com
Thu Nov 4 06:55:56 EST 1999

> I have downloaded DCOracle extension. I have RH6.0, and (at 
> least until now) I have not installed the source distribution of Python. I
> installed only the binary RPMs. I unpacked DCOracle in a directory and
> managed to build the so files (Buffer.so and oci_.so).
> How to install then this DCOracle package? I have been trying 
> to figure out but no success.

Create a directory somewhere in your pythonpath (import sys; print
sys.path), call it DCOracle.
In this directory put the two .so files, and all the .py files that came in
the DCOracle package.

Then you may import DCOracle.

Let me know if you need more help.

Bill Scherer

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