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Mon Nov 29 17:46:31 CET 1999

Ralph Kaiser wrote:
> Dan Grassi <Dan at> wrote in message
> news:B466ECEC.F8E%Dan at
> > I am trying to get IDLE to run.  The docs say that it is automatically
> > installed but that is just not true.  There is a /usr/bin/idle but when it
> > runs it quits complaining that it can't find
> > /usr/lib/python1.5/site-packages/idle/
> Hi,
> /usr/bin/idle is just a one line script to run Use "find .-name
> to locate it. on my system it's
> /usr/local/src/Python-1.5.2/Tools/idle/

find .? Are you mad!
locate idle

Or just have a look:
/usr/doc/packages/python-1.5.2 # suse

Oh, sorry, I'm assuming you're running Linux... are you?


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