Upgrading Python on Windows

Thomas A. Bryan tbryan at python.net
Wed Nov 24 12:28:10 CET 1999

I have Python-1.5.1 installed on a Windows95 machine.

I now want to upgrade to Python-1.5.2.  I can't find any 
documentation about upgrading on a Windows box.  I don't need 
the Python-1.5.2 installation anymore.  I've already downloaded 
py152.exe, but I'd like advice before I proceed.

Should I uninstall Python-1.5.1 first?  How do I do that (run 
unwise.exe?)?  Should I also uninstall the current version of 
Tcl/Tk and reinstall it with the Python-1.5.2 installation?

I-can-troubleshoot-a-UNIX-install,-but-Windows-scares-me-ly yours


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