commas vs. spaces. vs. the legions of new lines

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Tue Nov 2 09:29:56 CET 1999

Gordon McMillan <gmcm at> wrote:
> > So the unix old-timers <wink> know a billion and one ways to
> > convert Dos to Unix text files.  Why discourage someone from
> > making a pure python implementation... 
> I will make the observation that one can classify Pythonistas 
> into those who think recoding common utilities in pure Python 
> is evil, and those who think it a worthy goal, with very few 
> people in the middle.

also see:

    "Welcome to the Unix Reconstruction Project. Our
    goal is quite simply to reimplement the classic Unix
    command set in pure Perl, and to have as much fun
    as we can doing so."


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