Problems Building Python under Cygwin

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Fri Nov 5 02:12:18 CET 1999

I'm having some problems building Python under Cygwin on Windows NT 4.

1) the first problem I had was relatively easy to deal with. Towards
the end of the make process, there's a command to copy the python
executable from the Modules directory. The problem is, the makefile
expects to copy something called 'python', but the executable produced
was 'python.exe' (presumably because I'm under Windows). So cp can't
complete this command, and the makefile chokes. Fortunately, at this
point, the make process is pretty much done, so all I had to do was go
into the Modules directory, and copy python.exe to the directory above,
and it worked. SO: did I mess up? Or is this something wrong with the
makefile/configure setup that needs to be fixed?

2) the second problem I haven't solved. What I really wanted Python for
was to build Zope from scratch. When I went to build Zope, it informed
me that I needed not the "vanilla" version of Python, but Python
compiled with thread support. OK. I go back, make clean, and try
configure --with-threads. And partway through the make, I get this:

 cd Modules ; make OPT="-g -O2" VERSION="1.5" \
                prefix="/usr/local" exec_prefix="/usr/local" all
 gcc  -g -O2 -I./../Include -I.. -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -c ./threadmodule.c
 ./threadmodule.c:38: #error "Error!  The rest of Python is not compiled
 with thread support."
 ./threadmodule.c:39: #error "Rerun configure, adding a --with-thread
 ./threadmodule.c:40: #error "Then run `make clean' followed by `make'."
 make[1]: *** [threadmodule.o] Error 1
 make: *** [Modules] Error 2

Hmmmm. I thought I did that. So I re-did the configure, did the make
clean again, and then make. Same result. For good measure, I rm -rf'd
the whole Python directory, and then untarred it again, did configure
with both the --with-thread and --with-threads options, and tried to
make again. Same result.


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