Module for generic platform information:

M.-A. Lemburg mal at
Thu Nov 4 03:59:09 EST 1999

There is a new release of the module available at:

To see if it works on your platform, simply run the script.

Many thanks go out to all those who have helped so far. The list
of supported platforms is constantly growing :-)

Note that this module is a fast moving target. I plan to release
version 1.0 as the final version.

Still needed:
    · support for WinCE
    · support for MS-DOS (PythonDX ?)
    · support for Amiga, VMS and other platforms running Python
    · support for additional Linux distributions
    · debugging of the WinXX code and the JPython code for Java

The module now includes support for Win95,98,2000,NT (still needs
some debugging though), MacOS, MacOS X Server, Linux (RedHat,
Suse, Debian, Slackware, Mandrake), FreeBSD, Solaris,
HP UX, IRIX, OSF (DEC Digital Unix), Java, plus probably some
others that I've forgotten in the list...

Marc-Andre Lemburg
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