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Sun Nov 14 21:56:09 CET 1999

In article <3d1z9sq2uc.fsf at>, Andrew M. Kuchling wrote:
| The issue of indexing modules is an old one, and I'm still astounded
| that we've never converged on a solution, though everyone always
| complains about this.  

Thanks for the History lesson! This helps put it all in perspective
but why *something* hasn't been built before now is kind of weird.
The best part of your story for me is confirmation that open source
projects don't do well without strong leadership. No ESR or an
ESR-like figure to crack the whip, no Trove.

| is *very* nice, and it might be the
| only solution required.  Apparently a good deal of work has been put
| into seeding the initial database, and that's important, because it
| makes the index immediately useful.  Yet I hadn't heard about it until
| now; is the site still beta?  Did I miss a article
| about it?  

The author was still tweaking it when he contacted me after my
initial post. I urged him to post the URL for further inspection.
But that's not necessary now as it's been outed!

Monday morning will be a good test of how robust it really is!

By the looks of the server (Apache/1.3.6 (Unix) PHP/3.0.7),
this could well be a straight cgi app so go easy on it.

| We need to just pick a solution and stick with it; Parnassus is as
| good as any, and has the incalculable advatange of being implemented.

See the lazy bit above. I think it's fabulous and it's bookmarked
and already soothing my info itch. 


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