Apply a function to each list member?

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Fri Nov 5 06:49:08 EST 1999

On 05-Nov-99 Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:
 >  Correct. In fact, since we're being precise, let me point out that
 >  (mathematically speaking), all functions are maps (or mappings), but not
 >  all mappings are functions. The point is that a function should have only a
 >  single "output" for any given input (i.e. it should be many-to-one or
 >  one-to-one, not one-to-many). So some mapping that sends, say, the number 2
 >  to the numbers 3 and 4 is not a function (but a mapping that sends both the
 >  numbers 3 and 4 to the number 2 is a function, since for each input there
 >  is only a single output).

Ahh, there we got it. Good thing someone has got it straight.

 >  (Hmm .. I've just realised that a few of my recent postings have had
 >  amazingly little to do with Python. I promise to stick to the topic from
 >  now one. Swear! :-) )

I-think-I-should-get-in-line-ly y'rs


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