SWIG and function name question

Scott Barron kain at twilight.
Tue Nov 2 04:51:42 EST 1999

Hey folks,

I downloaded and started to learn SWIG today and I ran into a little problem.
In the C code there is a structure like this:

struct __foo { ... };

When I import my SWIG created module using 'import mymodule' I have access 
to the struct's set/get operation via mymodule.__foo_set_member() but if I 
import my module using 'from mymodule import *' I have access to all of my
modules functions accept the two get/set functions that begin with __
(I'm using dir() to check this).  This isn't too much of a problem for me
but I'm just wondering what's going on.  Can anyone clear this up for me?


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