PyArg_ParseTuple() and oprtional remaining argument lists

phil phil at
Mon Nov 29 02:37:32 EST 1999


i've developed an extension .dll in C for a Window's based system and
it works really well. However, i wanted to add a function that took a
second optional argument so wrote the following:

	if (PyArg_ParseTuple(args,"s|s",&name,&show)) {
		// happy things.

and it seems to return 0 if only one parameter is supplied, yet is
happy with two. It's not a major inconvenience as i can just document
it as requiring two parameters, but i'd like to know what i'm doing
wrong here. I also have trouble using PyArg_ParseTuple(...) with a
single item, e.g.
	if (PyArg_Parse(args,"i",&index) && (index >= 0)) {
is ok, but
	if (PyArg_ParseTuple(args,"i",&index) && (index >= 0)) {
fails. Again not a major problem, i'm more concerned that i'm doing
something wrong that will bite me later (this was cut and pasted from
my code, so the syntax may be a little suspect...)

The documentation shows examples of the above working correctly. I'm
using 1.52. I'm sure it's something silly.

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