Module for generic platform information:

Hans Nowak ivnowa at
Thu Nov 4 23:08:42 CET 1999

On 4 Nov 99, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:

> There is a new release of the module available at:
> Still needed:
>     · support for WinCE
>     · support for MS-DOS (PythonDX ?)

Hmm... Doesn't that work already? I tried it several days ago, so 
with an older version of, obviously. Here's what it says 
when fed to Python-DX:

c:/djgpp/bin/uname.exe: invalid option -- p
Try `c:/djgpp/bin/uname.exe --help' for more information.

(OK, the error message doesn't belong there, but that's just because 
of the uname call. Most DOS users won't have an uname at all on their 
system. In spite of this, it does find the right DOS version. By the 
way, note that the os.popen, used to call uname, works. ;-)

When run with Python for Windows (on the same PC) it says:


I don't know what it does on DOS 6 and lower, though. =/

--Hans Nowak (zephyrfalcon at
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