SMTP - again ;)

Ulf Engstrøm b2blink at
Fri Nov 26 09:00:17 EST 1999

I've gotten my prog to work now, only have some problems with our 
server/firewall, but that's hardly an issue.

Anyway, something else came up, when I enter a name in the header:
"To: Ulf Engstrøm" the mail gets to the dest as:

To: Ulf.Engstrøm at if I use as outgoing server, 
eventhough the address is completely different...and the add before @ is not 
correct either, since it's the Real Name..
Is there a way to get rid of that? In the To-field of the mail I just want 
the name, not @anywhere...

Thanx for all previous help :)
Best regards

Ulf Engstrøm
ulf.engstrom at

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