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Tue Nov 2 12:41:33 CET 1999

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>From: Kiyo Kelvin Lee <kiyolee*remove*>
>> You must use Tcl8.0.5 included in Python 1.5.2. It's somehow hard-linked
>> use Tcl80.dll/Tk80.dll. Tcl8.0.5 and Tcl8.2 can coexist in a system. If
>> really want to use Tcl82.dll/Tk82.dll, you have to recompile Python
>> yourself.
>Thanks. I tried installing Tcl8.0.5 in its own directory and putting it in
>the path. Tkinter now works, and IDLE runs, which it didn't do before. But
>when I exit IDLE I get a page fault in kernel32.dll from which there is no
>escape but a hard reboot. Is this a Tcl conflict or a known problem with
>IDLE? -- Art
I have managed to get tkinter working with 1.5.2 with help from others
on clp. Perhaps there should be a repository for various pyd's like
Robin Becker

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