Upgrade to version 1.5.2 - won't configure?

Don Oliver doliver at bc.sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 24 02:49:42 CET 1999

Thanks again to Tom and Michael for their help, as well as some good advice.
I don't intend to be writing C programs; only Python.
I'm probably trying to do too many new things at once, and should just use
the rpm's and defaults until I'm more experienced.
The Python web site doesn't say that all these extra programs are required,
nor does the readme in the download.

Thomas A. Bryan wrote:
> A reasonable goal...one that I don't attempt to acheive on my home box.
> (Disk space is fairly cheap, and I'd prefer to be developing than setting
> up a "nice" development machine.)

Sounds sensible to me. :-)

> Wow!  I never have any idea what's going on with Windows.  As far as I can
> tell, I run the install program and several megabytes of DLLs are dumped
> somewhere under the Windows subdirectory.  I seldom seem to have any
> about what goes where, and there's no way to figure out, as far as I know,
> what files were installed by which programs.  RPM has powerful query
> capabilities, and I love it for that.

I said that I knew what I was doing, I never claimed to know all about the
DLL's, etc.
By that, I meant that I had no problem installing and using any programs.
Big difference!

Michael Hudson wrote:

>Don't we all... seriously, one thing I have learnt over my year or two
>with Linux is to let rpm do it's stuff and not move stuff around
>underneath it. It's possible to do it yourself using tarballs and mv
>and cp, but it becomes harder to keep track of what's where.

I guess I'll stick with rpms for now.

Thanks again to both.

Don Oliver
dayo_nanaimo at hotmail.com

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