Beginning programming with Python

Tom Culliton culliton at
Thu Nov 11 17:45:03 EST 1999

In article <382B3D79.74CD3E0F at>,
Aaron Ginn (rp2885) <rp2885 at> wrote:
> That's what I expected.  I perused the books in question and musc of
> the syntax looked _exactly_ like Perl.

I'd say it's a lot more sparse and doesn't use anywhere near as many
"punctuation" characters.  "Simpler" in that it has fewer operators,
forms, and implicit actions.

> An honest opinion, please; is Python better suited for beginners
> than Perl, as I've heard?

Absolutely.  Perl has far more, magic, special cases, short cuts, odd
notation, magic variables, ...  More "stuff" to learn.  Python is much
more straightforward because there are simply less details to get lost

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