WinNT and DLL's

Calishar calishar at *NOSPAM*
Mon Nov 29 21:32:41 EST 1999

Hi Folks,

  I'm in the middle (almost literally, lots of paper) of developing an
application to be used on Windows NT, and maybe Win'95 systems. One of
the things I have not managed to find available anywhere, is an
interface to PkZip/Pkunzip zipped programs. I have tried using the
gzip and zlib modules on the files I am working with, and they don't
like the input files.

  In searching for info about unzipping, I ran across the info-zip
unzip (and zip) source code, however I do not have the knowledge in
c/c++ to implement a python interface to these dll's.

  Is there a way that I can simply access the pre-compiled dll files?
(I noticed a loadlibrary method in the (truly excellent) win32api
module, can I do something with this?)

  Or alternately, is there someone who would be willing and able to
perform whatever magic is required to compile the dll so that Python
can access it?

  I really hate asking for this level of help when I don'thave much
(if anything) to offer in return, but a search on Deja, and in the FAQ
didn't point me to any easy answers) and I have tried reading the swig
docs, but my brain just hit snooze, and never woke up till the next
day. (Not a knock about the doc writer, just a comment about what I
can read and comprehend)


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