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> > I am trying to compile Python 1.5.2 with tkinter on Solaris 7
> A word of encouragement: I have successfully built Python 1.5.2 on
> Solaris 7.
> I can't remember whether I used gcc or Sun's compiler.
> > have installed TCL/TK 8.0.5, GCC 2.8.1 / Sun Workshop 5 (I tryied
> > both compilers).
> >
> > I just get an error saying that is needed. Is there a
> > to build tkinter without X11? Or I just need to download and install
> > X11?
> First, I ask the "obvious" question.  Did you edit the Modules/Setup
> file
> (or, better, did you make a Setup.local file)?  If so, did you make
> to use the entries in the Tkinter portion that are specific to
> (from Setup)
> # *** Uncomment and edit to reflect where your X11 header files are:
> #-I/usr/X11R6/include \
> # *** Or uncomment this for Solaris:
>        -I/usr/openwin/include \
> .....
> # *** Uncomment and edit to reflect where your X11 libraries are:
> #-L/usr/X11R6/lib \
> # *** Or uncomment this for Solaris:
>        -L/usr/openwin/lib \
> If you already did that correctly, is libX11 in that directory?  That
> use 'ls' and 'find' to look for the library.  Is it there?
> ---Tom


Yes, I did that, but my error was that I used Tcl8.0.5 and tk from the
Metalab repository (binaries pre-compiled). And it was compiled against
X11R6 libs. So I downloaded the sources and compiled myself. Everything
worked fine.

I tryied also to used Tcl/tk 8.2 and it didn't work. The error stated
that: -ltcl8.2  -ltk8.2 : not found. However the and where in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and in PATH ... :(

Anyway, I am using tcl8.0.5 and it works.

Thanks to all that replied.


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