NT admin scripts with python

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Mon Nov 15 05:35:36 CET 1999

> Win32::Console: Perl module for Windows console interaction
We dont have this.

> Win32::EventLog: Read from and write to the Windows NT event log
> Win32::File: Manage file attributes (read only, system, hidden...)
> Win32::FileSecurity: manage ACLs in Perl

All of the above - win32evtlog, win32file, win32security.

> Win32::Internet: Perl module for Internet extensions


> Win32::NetAdmin: Administer users and groups
> Win32::NetResource: Manage resources (servers, file shares,

Both in win32net

> Win32::Process: Start and stop Win32 processes


> Win32::Registry: Read and manage the Win32 Registry


> Win32::Service: Manage Windows NT services

win32service (and we can even implement native services in Python)

There are also plenty more available for Python, but I have only
responded to the ones listed.


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