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I don't know what the 'official' way is, but this works for me:

my_list = ['key1','val1','key2','val2']
my_dict = {}

for key in range(0, len(my_list), 2):
    my_dict[ my_list[ key ] ] = my_list[ key + 1 ]

There may be some function call to accomplish same, but this seems like
the most direct approach.  AFAIK there is no built in semantics
equivelent to Perl's assign-list-to-hash.

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  nielsenjf at wrote:
> Hello there, this is hopefully a simple question to answer.
> If I have, a list of key,value pairs, is there any way to just assign
> to a dictionary? I'm thinking of the case in perl, where you can
> a list to an assoc array.
> For example:
> a=('key1','val1','key2','val2')
> b={ a } ???????????
> Is there a common python idiom for this?

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